My ring has no mystical powers – Archbishop Duncan Williams

My ring has no mystical powers - Archbishop Duncan Williams
Archbishop Duncan Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams who is the founder and leader of Action Chapel International has opened up on his ring which has made some people even tag him as an occultist.

Preaching to his congregation during Sunday church service, the Archbishop disclosed that it’s a fact that some people in society have powers or have spiritual backing which they carry around in a form of trinkets.

According to the preacher who has been in the lord’s vineyard for over four decades, he sometimes shakes people he meets at events and immediately feels some needles piercing him.

He went on to say that at times, after shaking some of these people he all of a sudden begin to feel weak at one part of his body but being a man of God he is able to overcome those spiritual attacks just by saying a small prayer.

He said: “Sometimes, I go into crowds – thank God for these days where you don’t have to shake people – sometimes, you shake people and, as soon as you shake them, you can feel like needles going through your palm, needles going through your hand and suddenly, it’s like one side of you is becoming weak and immediately I have to shake it off and say: ‘In the name of Jesus, fiery touch, get out; out, out in the name of Jesus’.”

“Come out, return to sender! And, sometimes, immediately you say ‘return to sender’, the very person’s [hand] begins to do this – shaking his left arm to demonstrate to the congregation.”

Very strange things” happen. And, sometimes it’s coming from a ring they are wearing.

“Some people wear all kinds of rings that represent all kinds of things and carry all [kinds of] power,” he said.

The renowned cleric then issued this disclaimer: “This ring [showing his ring] doesn’t carry anything in it, so, please.

“It’s just my ring as an archbishop,” he explained. “It doesn’t have anything in it,” he concluded.

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