My father ignored me – Kwadwo Dickson

• Kwadwo Dickson’s father abandoned his responsibilities after separation from his partner

• Kwadwo’s mother assumed full responsibility and funded his education

• Without a degree, Kwadwo Dickson became a radio presenter

Renowned radio presenter and voiceover artist, Kwadwo Dickson, has vouchsafed that he was closer to his mother than his father because, unlike his mother, the father capitalized on an inevitable split-up and refused to assume fatherly responsibility.

The news anchor mentioned on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ that both parents were from the same family, hence, the severance.

“My mother was a teacher. She passed on about three and half years ago. Due to the transfer associated with her profession, we moved from one place to the other,” he stated. “My father was around but I didn’t set my eyes on him regularly. It was always my mother although they all hailed from the same town.”

He continued: “I inquired and found out that there was a misunderstanding. They were related, they were all from the Beretuo clan so it was inappropriate for them to be a couple. I was told the family called for the separation because they are related by blood. My father saw this as a huge opportunity to not take responsibility. So, from age 7, 8, it was always with my mother.”

Proclaiming how lovely the mother was, Kwadwo Dickson said the mother never turned her back on him nor his siblings. According to him, his mother went to the extent of selling her property in her quest to ensure he is educated.

He said: “My mother was very caring. She toiled and funded our education. She sold her belongings to see me through school. My elder brother was asthmatic so it was not easy for her at all. She’s been through a lot.”

Kwadwo Dickson’s breakthrough was after he completed Senior Secondary School.

He recalled paying a visit to his uncle where he heard an announcement on the radio about a recruitment exercise scheduled to take place at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

“They said persons who could speak French or Spanish had an added advantage and luckily, I could speak French,” he said while adding that his performance during the interview was impressive.

“I was subsequently sent to Kumasi to work with Garden City Radio. I was very submissive when I went there. I was with the sports team… One day, Sekyere Popro Boateng interacted with me and asked me to join him on his Twi show. The callers were very amazed.”

In 2000, Sekyere Boateng left Garden City Radio for Peace FM in Accra and asked Kwadwo Dickson to join him. That proposal was opposed by the latter’s mother.

“She said it’s a private company hence job security was not assured. For once, I disobeyed my mother,” he noted.

Having worked with Peace FM for close to two decades, Kwadwo Dickson is now an employee of Angel Broadcasting Company, the mother company of Angel FM.

Watch the interview below.



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