Mining giant BHP proposes buyout of Anglo American

For many years to come, the merger would rank among the biggest in the mining sector.

Mining behemoth BHP suggests purchasing Anglo American
Mining behemoth BHP suggests purchasing Anglo American
Rival BHP has made contact with UK-based mining behemoth Anglo American on a possible £31 merger.Anglo American’s board of directors is presently reviewing the proposal, the company informed the BBC.

The proposal was approved by BHP, which claimed to grant it access to “Anglo American’s world-class copper assets.”

This would be one of the largest mergers in the mining business in a long time if the deal closes.

Anglo American, a mining company with mines in Chile, South Africa, Brazil, and Australia, was valued at approximately £29 billion on the stock market prior to the announcement of the approach.

The largest publicly traded mining corporation in the world, BHP, is situated in Australia and is valued at over A$229 billion (£119.5 billion) on the market.

The action was taken a year after BHP paid $9.5 billion to acquire copper producer Oz Minerals.

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