Man Proves Ghanaians Thinking His Teeth Is Bad, Wrong After Visiting The Dentist

In a video,@a.rasheeda mocked @dj_point5 for having yellow teeth in US because he claims they can’t get proper toothpaste to brush his teeth.

@Dj_point5 who is a coach (driver) in the United State didn’t get angry over the comment but rather decided to prove to @a.rasheeda that his teeth are always like that.

The tiktok user reacting to the comment, went to a dental clinic to prove that how his teeth are.

@dj_point5Reply to @a.rasheed8 see the difference b4 and after visiting dentist #ghanatiktok #trending #foryoupage #ghanatiktokers #tiktoker @tinababe12

♬ original sound – Christian Ohemeng


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