Those who have ears must listen, Dome kwabenya.
Instead of leading with emotions or fear-based tactics to drive results, they focus on cultivating an environment that makes their employees feel comfortable coming and talking to them.

Approachable and inclusive leaders listen more than they speak, value diversity, welcome mistakes, reward originality and appreciate the unique differences of others. Varying levels of working styles and personalities can create conflict and a disconnected team.

Inspirational leaders know how vital it is to ensure each individual is treated fairly and respectfully, feels a sense of belonging and is psychologically safe. Therefore, creating a strong and inclusive team culture.

Collaboration is an essential ingredient to an engaged and thriving team. Inspirational leaders know the strengths and weaknesses of their team.

This allows them to find ways to encourage unity through peer-to-peer mentorship, team projects or cross training. Unity is crucial to achieving success otherwise, teams become siloed.

Hon Hadji Mustaphar… ✍?


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