Ken Agyapong vows to use Kevin Taylor as scapegoat with defamation suit

• Kennedy Agyapong has lamented how social media is negatively impacting society

• He has vowed to sue activist Kevin Taylor for defamation in the United States

• Taylor has publicly accused him of complicity in two high profile murders

Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, has lamented the negative impact of social media by way of destroying the fabric of society and the country at large.

Agyapong, who is currently in the United States has reiterated that he will use the courts to fight people who feel that they can use social media to malign and cast him in a bad light to members of the public.

In an interview available to GhanaWeb, Agyapong admitted that democracy and freedom of expression made it increasingly difficult to expressly clamp down on social media use.

“Here (in the United States), people are using social media to make money. In Ghana, they are using social media to destroy the fabric of society and even the country. That is the problem.

“Unfortunately, you don’t even know who is putting the information out there to prevent him and of course in the name of democracy, you cannot suppress freedoms so it becomes a challenge and I know it is a challenge that we have to address.”

He continued: “You know there are certain people that have come out openly, like Kevin Taylor and I am going to take him on. When you set examples like that, then it may serve as a deterrent to some of them.

“Because with the guy called Boadu, Kwaku Skit when I said I am going to sue, now he has backtracked saying he didn’t say that but he was quoting somebody. This is the way we need to go to stop some of the misinformation being put out there…,” he added.

In a recent interview with a US-based blogger, Agyapong said he was pursuing Taylor – a vocal social media activist who uses Facebook to make heated political broadcasts – to prove in court that he (Agyapong) was connected to two high-profile murders.

“I am taking him to the court because I want him to come and prove with evidence where he saw me killing the persons he claims I’ve killed.

“He is bragging about writing to the Congressman and has also written to the Worchester Mayor that I killed Armed Suale and J.B Danquah. The guy should come and prove, it is simple,” he said in an interview on an online-based television station.


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