‘I’ve silenced the 1-acre-mouthed celebrity’ – Ayisha Modi as she ends beef with Afia Schwarzenegger

Ayisha Modi has declared herself the winner of her long-fought battle with Afia Schwarzenegger

• She has intended to channel her time and energy into something else

• Aisha Modi and Afia Schwarzenegger have been at each other’s throat

It seems the long-lasted beef between Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi has finally come to an end as the latter has announced her decision to step aside.

After engaging in series of back and forth with the comedienne, Aisha Modi has taken to social media to announce that she will no longer spend her time and energy on what she described as a ‘senseless’ feud.

It can be recalled that the two have been indicted in a thread of social media wars that lasted for days. The banter was characterized by harsh insults and the revelation of secrets that shook the whole Ghanaian entertainment industry.

But in a bid to declare herself as the winner of the long-fought battle, Aisha took to Instagram to brag about how she has been able to silence her opponent (Afia Schwarzenegger).

She wrote:

“Whatever you people do I will never have a problem with my father Rev Obofuo and my loyal Queen Obofowaa. Those of you who think you can create feud between us are rather adding blessings to our relationship because they are matured people with Golden heart. God gave me the heart to fight for what is right, I choose to fight the wrong people to make Ghana a better place so before you send me a fight request check your shocks well if you are fit so those little birds and dogs who have started barking should sleep. I have finished silencing your 1acre mouth how much more you hungry puppies in cage who follow orders. Very soon those who were worried with my actions will understand me. The world will celebrate me I came with a mission and it has been accomplished. Don’t forget I am the industry police.”

Afia on the other hand has remained tight-lipped since her last video in which she viciously attacked Aisha Modi.

Read her full post below


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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