‘Hitched man’ Paul Adom-Otchere came to my occasion with his mistress – KKD assaults

After Paul Adom-Otchere article on his Good Evening Ghana show that tested Kwasi Kyei Darkwah remark about the public authority’s acquiring on the Eurobond markets and charges that Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta was benefitting from Ghana’s obligation through Databank, the expert telecaster and Master of Ceremonies, warmly called KKD, has answered with a claim.

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD)

While referencing on Onua FM’s morning show with Captain Smart that he would cease from remarking on the comments Adom-Otchere made in light of the fact that he considered the Metro TV moderator as a younger sibling, KKD reviewed an occasion where he did his “little sibling” some help that helped a courtesan.

He said: “I used to sort out programs at Movenpick. Do you recall that the day you communicated interest in coming, I saved seats for yourself as well as your mistress despite the fact that the spot was completely stuffed?

“In this way, don’t do that. Perhaps the woman wasn’t your courtesan yet she was out of control; you ought to have told her you’re a hitched man so she ought to stop the coy signals openly. A portion of these women might be with you since they’re poor. Your significant other is my younger sibling; that is my ex, Nana Yaa’s companion, so I know her quite well.”

Sounding acknowledged, KKD, on the show checked by GhanaWeb, encouraged Adom-Otchere to not permit himself to be utilized by government officials, focusing on that they will ultimately dump him.

“He (Adom-Otchere) isn’t important for the older folks, however a kid who is sent by elderly folks to mishandle different seniors ought to recall that it is a direct result of the noticeable individual’s material that the canine barks when he draws near.

“However, when the canine is limited and the noticeable individual sits with the elderly folks to talk, the canine is gotten back to the enclosure. Prompt yourself. Try not to affront an individual who is your senior. I love you to an extreme,” he pushed.

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