During the Bhim concert, Stonebwoy lights up Accra Sports Stadium.

At the Bhim Concert, Stonebwoy, the well-known Ghanaian reggae and dancehall singer, transformed the Accra Sports Stadium into a lively musical arena with a night of throbbing sounds, upbeat performances, and pure musical magic.

During the Bhim concert, Stonebwoy lights up Accra Sports Stadium.
During the Bhim concert, Stonebwoy lights up Accra Sports Stadium.

The occasion, which brought together admirers from all walks of life and displayed Stonebwoy’s talent as a performer, will always be remembered as a landmark event in Accra’s entertainment industry.

renowned for his electric live performances and music that defies genres, gave the audience a night to remember full of dance, rhythm, and an unbreakable bond between the artist and his followers.

The electric mood that their musical icon produced was much enjoyed by the Bhim Natives.

A layer of extra excitement was added to the evening by surprise collaborations with fellow artists, including Jamaican singer Jahmiel, D-Black, Kuame Eugene, S3fa, Edem, and Efya. This year’s concert includes the yearly Stonebwoy’s events, Ashiaman to the World, and the Bhim show.


Unexpected duets and group performances were presented to the audience, highlighting the friendship among Ghanaian music industry professionals and reaffirming the Bhim Nation’s sense of brotherhood.

The Bhim Concert was more than just a musical extravaganza; stunning stage arrangements, dramatic lighting effects, and exquisite choreography all complemented Stonebwoy’s musical prowess. The concert was elevated beyond a simple musical performance to a celebration of Ghanaian culture and the dynamic spirit of the Bhim Nation thanks to the seamless integration of audio and visual elements.

At the Bhim Concert, The Bhim President culminates his 5th Dimension World Tour, which represents his fifth body of work, with an amazing finale.

With a throb of vitality and excitement, the Accra Sports Stadium witnessed an evening filled with remarkable performances, solidarity, and joy.

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