Dag Heward Mills’ daughter reacts to recent attacks on father

The daughter of Dag Heward Mills, Paula Heward-Mills has reacted to the recent bashing of her father on social media.

The beautiful young lady who seems unconcerned about what detractors are saying about his lovely father recently made a simple but nice post.

Paula shared a love emoji and a photo of herself affectionately locked in her father’s bosom and finely looking into his eyes.

See Paula Heward-Mills post shared on social media;

Bishop Dag in the last weeks has been making headlines for all the negative reasons.

Series of accusation has been levelled against him over how he treats his pastors.

Six former pastors have sued the church claiming they were exploited and their SSNIT contributions weren’t paid during their active working years.

Notwithstanding, some members of the Lighthouse church have also have leapt to the defence of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in the wake of the controversies.

Bishop Dag Heward Mill is yet to respond to these accusations. Stay tuned.


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