Chairman Wontumi flatulates while discharging – Afia Schwar claims

Afia Schwar has now prevailed in totally crushing both Delay and Chairman Wontumi with the series of messy mysteries she has been tossing on the web for the beyond couple of days.

Afia Schwar had before been tossing aberrant magnificent shots at the well-to-do lawmaker yet chose to go crude on him in this new assault.

As indicated by Afia Schwar who professes to have dated the NPP high roller at some point prior, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the decision party flatulates “Tui” while discharging.

The windbag socialite dropped this data which ought to have been left well enough alone as a result of her extreme disdain and abhorrence for Delay.

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While gloating that she has had the option to quiet down, Afia Schwar completely expressed that she’s an ace with regards to room exercises and Chairman Wontumi can verify that since he made him fart whenever they engaged in sexual relations.

Afia Schwar likewise pronounced that she laments dating Chairman Wontumi in light of the fact that she drew near to nothing from dating him thus she won’t ever date a man of his type from this point forward.

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As of late, Afia Schwar and Delay have revived their well established hamburger after NPP Chairman Wontumi recruited Delay to have a show on his Accra-based radio broadcast over Afia Schwar.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who felt affronted, volunteered to lobby for Chairman Wontumi rival in the fair finished NPP primaries.

Chairman Wontumi flatulates while discharging - Afia Schwar claims
Chairman Wontumi flatulates while discharging – Afia Schwar claims

Notwithstanding, Chairman Wontumi was reappointed and from that point forward, Afia Schwar has been tossing subconscious shots at Delay and Wontumi.

In Afia Schwar steady assault on Delay, she called her a fruitless elderly person who has accomplished nothing for herself.

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