Captain Smart vows to turn Bongo Ideas into a TV personality while praising him for insulting him.

Then, it was said to have been canceled after Captain Smart discovered Bongo Ideas had offended him. The TV host has shockingly refuted the rumors, saying he has never seen Bongo Ideas’ critical remarks about him.

Speaking on Onua TV today, Captain Smart gave Bongo Ideas a lot of praise and assured him that he would continue to be interviewed and given coaching on how to become a better TV host.

“I have never heard his name before. I was shown his tweets about me just yesterday, but as for me, I don’t care,” said the man.

The fact that he wrote such things about me made me chuckle, and I felt as though at least I had found someone who could be critical of me. Make time and come, Bongo Ideas. I wanted to interview you myself,” he remarked.

“I think you could be a very good morning show presenter because of your writing style and courage. Come closer, and I’ll train you to become one.

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