‘Anyone who wears jeans is promoting AntiChrist’ – Prophetess

A Prophetess claims that anyone who wears jeans is promoting AntiChrist. 

According to the Prophetess who was speaking at church, wearing jeans is an indirect way of promoting the operations of the AntiChrist.

She explains that the real name of Jeans is ‘Global Uniform of Anti-Christ‘.

Very particular about men, the ‘Highly Spiritual’ Prophetess expressed that the continuous culture of men putting on jeans means that their souls are liable to be manipulated by the devil since it’s a medium of publicity of the Anti-Christ.

“Let me tell you something about jeans, especially you brothers. You see, in the kingdom of darkness, I was raised to the highest level of the kingdom of darkness — executive member. 

We sit in a meeting, face to face with Lucifer before Jesus Christ arrested me. So that time we were holding meetings regularly. We do meetings in Russia, California, in the 999 realms”, 

“So there was a day we were holding a meeting in 999 realms and one of the agents raised this that ‘how do we gather people soul into the kingdom of anti-Christ, how do we control their hearts?’.

 And let me tell you, the real name of JEANS is ‘Global Uniform of Anti-Christ‘. So if you put on jeans, you are promoting antichrist to come. Do you understand? The ‘Highly Spiritual’ Prophetess said in the video.

Source : ghpage

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