Abena Korkor was imprisoned in the US for selling drugs – A Plus asserts

Abena Korkor hauls A Plus, Serwaa Amihere others via virtual entertainment

A Plus pursues Abena Korkor
A Plus assaults Abena Korkor once more

Social observer, Kwame A Plus, has affirmed that famous Ghanaian socialite, Abena Korkor, was once captured and imprisoned in the United States for drug dealing.

One can review that Abena Korkor in one of her lunatic episodes described how she was imprisoned for quite some time in New York for dealing heroin to pay for her Ukraine Medical School confirmation.

Abena Korkor takes a deep swipe at Abeiku Santana on his birthday; Jabs him for blocking her after exposing him (Screenshot)

Many didn’t take her disclosures genuine as they saw it to be one of her typical tirades.

In any case, in another turn of events, A Plus has affirmed that for sure the Ghanaian socialite was captured along with his two companions and they spent quite a while in prison.

A Plus in a bid to lambast Abena Korkor for acting mischievously via virtual entertainment and hauling him into her ‘wreck’ made these disclosures during an Instagram live.

Abena Korkor was imprisoned in the US for selling drugs - A Plus asserts
Abena Korkor was imprisoned in the US for selling drugs – A Plus asserts

“Abena Korkor sold cocaine in America and was imprisoned. She was in a similar prison as my companion. Inquire as to whether I’m lying. She was in similar prison with two of my companions. On the off chance that she believes I’m lying, she ought to drag me to court for criticism. Abena Korkor is a witch. For somebody who can swallow cocaine, you ought to be frightened of her. With respect to her adherents, they don’t tell her anything reasonable. You see that her large tummy, it is a capacity can. That is the place where she swallows and keep all the cocaine.

“So don’t you awaken at sunrise and contemplate your life? Don’t you awaken and consider over your life? Don’t your inner voice prick you? Quit smoking you said no. presently look. I will manage you around here.”

A Plus’ assaults at Korkor were required by her new virtual entertainment blusters in which he and any semblance of Nana Aba Anamoah, Serwaa Amihere, and others were hauled in.

Along with these big names, A Plus was hauled by Abena Korkor and he has taken advantage of the chance to stop what he depicts as a ‘absurd’ pattern.


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