Motorcycle is one source of transportation used everywhere in Ghana especially in most villages and in the northern region.
Motorcycle though a good source of transportation has it bad sides which over shadows it good sides. The use of this cycle is also a source of income and an occupation for some individuals.

Some youth in particular were the ones seen involve in ridding this cycle in many place but nowadays teenages have also involved themselves especially those in the villages.
Some of these youths and teens have no experience in the use of these motorcycles neither do they have necessary protective gadgets like the hand gloves, motorcycle boot and most importantly the helmet.

Some of these motorcyclist are seen on highways or in traffic without a helmet and will be riding roughly on the roads putting both their life’s and that of others in danger
Helmet plays a very important role for all motor riders including the passengers.It protect the individuals heads sinces it one of an important body part where most of it organs plays a greater part in every individuals life.

A visit to most of our villages indicate this as alot of the teenages and youth have abounded their education and are seen riding these cycles.Some parent are unaware of their wards involvement while others are .

Death rate due to rickless driving of these motorcycles have increased and still on going.A lot of these motorcycles used by some teens and youth are not registered neither do the individuals have license to drive.

Due to this they always avoid the police and try to hide for sometimes when caught for an offense they committed. Some will either hide in other villages,change their routes to those area or suspended their activities and later bounce back again.

The painful aspect of the accidents cause by these motorcyclist affect the victims alot as they leave them to theirs fate either on the road or in the hospitals.

Some of them are have also been abusing drugs and alcohol. They sometimes rid under these influence and indulge in other criminal act.

Children,teens,youth adults and the aged die due to these ricklessness and inexperienced motorcyclist who may also lose their lives or hurt themselves.

Putting the life of others in danger does not affect just the victims but his or her family .Taken into consideration other people lives and theirs should be one important advice given to the youth through education and training .A regular patrol in our rural area by the police force and the authorities will be of good help to the nation.

Source: flymultimedia gh

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