I’ve tainted 115 people and 19 young ladies with HIV nevertheless counting – Lady uncovers

HIV – A woman who cases to be HIV positive has uncovered that she has tainted around 115 people and 19 young ladies and is as yet counting.

As per the Nigerian woman, she was determined to have the infection in 2016, and she has since been on a spreading binge.

The woman recognized on Twitter as @the_afropolite made the disclosure on the microblogging web page while responding to the tweet of another client.

@NellyNesh19 took to Twitter to say that she was tainted with HIV at 21 years old yet presently she is 24 years of age and progressing admirably.

“Got infected with HIV at the age of 21 am 24 years now and am doing fine,” @NellyNesh19 wrote.


Then, at that point, @the_afropolite responded by offering her experience to the illness and how she got contaminated.

As per her, she was contaminated with the infection by her sibling’s dearest companion in 2016 when she was only 18 years of age.

Starting around 2017, when she tried positive for the feared sickness, she “has made it a mission to provide for others what was given to her without a condom” via reprisal.

From her tweet, she will keep spreading the infection until she can spread it no more.

“I got contaminated by my sibling’s best man in 2016 when I was only 18. He was the first and just person I had intercourse with till I turned 20. Since Dec 2017 I tried positive, I made it my main goal to provide for others what was given to me, without condom. Around 115 people and 19 young ladies now and counting,” @the_afropolite.

Her divulgence has left many Twitter clients frightened, with many censuring her “main goal” to spread the infection to guiltless individuals who had no hand in her issue.

Others excessively felt for her since she got contaminated with the infection by an older individual at the time she was extremely youthful.

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