Shade? Celestine Donkor says she’ll rather use Empress Gifty’s $40k for rice business

Celestine Donkor says she doesn’t believe it is wise for any Ghanaian singer to use $40,000 to shoot a music video.

This comes after her fellow Gospel artiste, Empress Gifty, bragged about investing almost $40,000 in her latest music video ‘Eye Woaa’.

I just want to reveal how much I spent for people to appreciate the worth of the whole thing. That video you see, I spent US$40,000 in shooting it. You are shocked because I quoted the price in dollars but for me and my team, it is possible,” she said

Detailing why she spent that much on the video, she added that “I want quality things, I want beautiful things“.

During an interview on Adom FM, Celestine Donkor was asked about how much invested in her music videos, she said “It’s between GH₵12,000 and GH₵24,000.”

Quizzed by the host if the narrative of Empress Gifty could be true, Celestine Donkor said she would rather have imported rice with the amount.

Celestine Donkor
Celestine Donkor

For me to shoot a video worth US$40,000, I’d rather import rice and sell. I’ll go to China, get some rice and come and sell in Ghana,” Celestine said in the video below.

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