My husband started giving me ‘attitude’ when Akufo-Addo won 2016 poll – Eugene Arhin’s wife

Wife of Communication Director at the seat of government, Jubilee House, Eugene Arhin has revealed that she and her husband were living peacefully as husband and wife until the day President Akufo-Addo appointed her husband to a position at Jubilee house.

At the time in 2012 when they married, she was the highest earner in the family as she worked with Charter House, sold kids diapers among other things on the side to support her husband who was then a mere Research Assistant at Danquah Institute seconded to support then-candidate Akufo-Addo as an aide.

Her husband ordered her to stop work in 2016 and take care of their child.

Upon Akufo-Addo winning the 2016 election and appointing him Communication Director at the seat of government, her husband changed, according to her.

She was allegedly subjected to inhumane treatment and abuse as her husband fornicated on top.

She is seeking divorce and tagging along with some properties.

Mrs Arhin disclosed that prior to acquiring these properties, she and her husband cohabited with her sister before they saved and managed to rent their own place to move, somewhere in 2012.

Both NPP and NDC footsoldiers have expressed outrage about the properties listed and wondered where and how the young aide to the President could have acquired them.

In the writ sighted by, Mrs Arhin, listed 16 big flats at Bubuashie owned by Mr. Eugene Arhin. Another 16 flats at Weija. A 16-Storey building at Teshie and house at AU Village. A House at La, another house at Senya Berekum. Another House at the waterfront in Ada Foah. A 5-bedroom house at East Legon which is the matrimonial home of the couple on a 2 plot of land at East Legon and 3K barbering shop at Teshie.

She also listed 5 cars which were acquired over the past 2 years; one Ford F150, Toyota Avalon GR 7108-18, Toyota Lexus GE 4646-18, Toyota Tundra GE7108-18, Hyundai Elantra GE 4646-19.

She is further demanding an amount of 2 million

Kan-Dapaah slayqueen connection

Slay Queen who entrapped Ghana’s National Security Minister Albert Kan-Dapaah on January 5. 2020, Chantelle Kujawu by releasing his video call of their romantic interaction online has done it again, this time invading the marital home of communication Director at the presidency Eugene Arhin. readers will recall in a viral video, the 66-year-old Kan Dapaah was ordered to turn around by the lady and could be heard requesting to hug the young lady to help him sleep.

The latest according to a divorce writ from the wife of Mr. Eugene Arhin is that he has been bonking Chantelle Kujawu.

On grounds of adultery as well as physical and mental abuse, Mrs Arhin is demanding for a divorce. She is also tagging along numerous properties owned by her estranged husband praying the court to divide equally between them.

The Communication Director is believed to have acquired the properties in the past 4 years under President Akufo-Addo’s first term, with his wife revealing she filed for the divorce for his adultery and other matters revealed in the court file attached.

Source: 3 News

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