Joyce Aryee reveals how she escaped lynching during PNDC regime

In an interview with Asaase Radio, Joyce Aryee recounted an instance in Kumasi where she was almost lynched alongside her colleague ministers.

Joyce Aryee stated that some policies of the military regime had infuriated the citizens who were looking for a window to vent their spleen.

“We almost got lynched in Kumasi. It wasn’t easy. I think even when we went to Tamale, we had to have some protection from the military … so things were difficult, ” She said.

She added that “I mean, how do you deal with a situation where you devalued your currency by more than 1,000%? It was a very difficult time.”

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She also revealed how she had to give in to Rawlings’ persistence for her to be part of his government.

Joyce Aryee stated that she was initially not interested in holding any position but had to rethink her decision due to Rawlings.

“He [Rawlings] was persistent. I guess, knowing me from Achimota [School, he thought] there was something I could give back to society. That’s the way I’ll put it.

“So, after the third time, I sort of said: ‘Look, this is also your country and if anything good happens in the country you are as much a beneficiary as anybody else. And since you’ve been called to serve in an area where you have some strength, why not do it?

“So that’s how I got involved.”


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