How long should sex last before climaxing? Here are all the facts and myths

You will be shocked to know that doctors in most cases have to struggle hard to explain to men that they aren’t ejaculating early.

Real-life vs Movies

In porn films, the length of an erected penis is 20 cm – 40 cm and the intercourse lasts for 30 to 60 minutes on average. But that’s only in the movies as the last scene may be shot first so that the man can ejaculate without worrying. After the last shot, the rest sequence goes on and the man does not need to worry about ejaculating. Moreover, the movies are shot for hours to days and obviously, the editing goes without saying. Plus, most porn stars take medicines. So, it is never a valid comparison.

Millennials are trying hard to increase the duration of their intercourse but do they really need to? Are you ejaculating too early? To know the answers what we need to know first is how soon it is to ejaculate early.

Average ejaculation time according to study

The average ejaculation time is solely dependent on an individual. According to Sexual Health Centre, premature ejaculation is when you last for less than a minute. Sometimes the pressure to last longer makes you come early during the session. And even watching porn at an early age teaches you to ejaculate early.

When to see a doctor

There are ways by which you can cure PE without taking oral drugs. Some methods can be tweaking your diet, limiting the number of times you masturbate and not be anxious about your performance. Trying this all would be a good idea before you go to the doctor. Sex is mental and so your thoughts can impact your performance directly if you are stressed.

Source: pulse news

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