You can’t handle things of the soul and expressions on the pulpit -Prophet Nigel Gaisie

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Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the General Overseer of Prophetic Hill Church, has at long last answered to the police greeting with respect to his predictions on 31st Night.

There was gossip in the late long stretches of Wednesday that the Ghana Police Service had called the godly man to talk about his 31st ‘Umuofia’ expectations. Prophet Nigel Gaisie has affirmed on his Facebook page that the police had welcomed him as announced yesterday regarding his gauges.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie expressed that as an honest resident, he will acknowledge the greeting, yet that the police have no impact over how the Essence of God works for sure is spoken behind the podium.

Order Tramadol Online Cod Overnight Prophet Nigel Gaisie said “I have been welcome to the Police CID Over Some Prophetic Utterances, they Claim I Have Made!! As a dependable resident and one who has confidence in law and order, I will regard the greeting of the Police administration yet the Police MUST NO, RESPECTIVELY*THUS THEY CAN NOT GAG THE PROPHETIC, THEY CAN NOT CONTROL THINGS OF THE SPIRIT AND UTTERANCES MADE BEHIND THE PULPIT OF GOD, OUR GOD SHOULD NOT AND MUST NOT BE INTERPRETED WITH CARNAL LEARNED MIND… he posted. It continued: “In Nation Building, the job of the congregation, the prophetic can not be DENIED OR DISRESPECTED. Moreso, when the prophets have not said or done anything which is against the soul and last option of the customary regulation… LET OPPRESSIVE RULE COME TO AN END, LET GOD JESUS CHRIST ARISE.HANDSOFFTHEPROPHECTICCHURCHES. Get the job done to end, the soul of the prophet is the soul of God, it will be hazardous for anybody to make God his ENEMY… …

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Prophet Nigel Gaisie
Prophet Nigel Gaisie N.B.ALREADY, Times are EXTREMELY HARD, INSTEAD OF ENCOURAGING YOUR CITIZENS, YOU ARE RATHER DISCOURAGING US BY USING STATE ACTOR’S AND APPARATUS* Me, am sold out for Jesus Christ, I am not stressed over INTIMIDATION, NOPE!!! PROPHETS WILL LIVE, GHANA WILL LIVE… THE BEST IS YET TO COME… Don’t missRestorationNightVigil9pm-4am… ..TOMORROW… PNG”. See screenshot of his post below:

Prophet Nigel Gaisie post

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