Police stress compliance with prophesy communication ahead of the New Year.

As the year comes to an end, the Ghana Police Service has reminded the public, particularly the religious community, about the law pertaining to the dissemination of false news and emphasised the need of compliance.

IGP, George Akuffo Dampare

The police thank religious organisations and individuals for continuing to uphold the law, especially when it comes to sharing prophecies.

This compliance promotes a society free from needless panic, fear, and anxiety, in addition to protecting the rights and liberties of those impacted by such prophecies.

The police emphasise that although they acknowledge the constitutional rights to freedom of speech and to practice one’s religion, these rights must be used with appropriate consideration for the rights and liberties of others as well as the general welfare.

In a statement, the police declare December 27th to be “Prophecy Communication Compliance Day,” encouraging religious groups to follow the law when practicing their beliefs.

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