Lydia Forson’s response to the three-day economic fasting and prayers of the Church of Pentecost is “shame”

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The three days of fasting and prayer for the Ghanaian economy by the Church of Pentecost have been criticised by actress Lydia Forson as being a shame.

Lydia Forson


The Chairman of the Church has asked members of the Church of Pentecost to start fasting and praying on November 10th.

Members are instructed to pray and plead for the country and the international community in the midst of the economic crisis according to a communiqué signed by Apostle Eric Nyamekye.

The subject of the fasting and prayers, which are expected to culminate on Sunday, November 13, is: “So we fasted and prayed to our God about this, and He heard us. All assemblies are commanded to carry out their regular weekly activities (Ezra 8:23), but these times of prayer and fasting may be incorporated into any regular weekly activity.

The statement further said that “all Area Heads and Ministers are to participate and organise these sessions at any convenient level that will give the maximum outcome.”

The actress responded to the directive with a series of tweets, asking why the church didn’t utilise its influence to hold the government accountable in addition to the fasting and prayers.

Imagine that the church genuinely adopted a stance to HELD the government responsible in addition to prayers. Imagine that the church utilised its influence to persuade our government to treat its citizens fairly. Instead, the majority of churches just exploit their position to further their own interests and agendas. Shame.

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