7 key guidelines for friendships with perks

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The first rule is that you cannot catch feelings.

7 key guidelines for friendships with perks
7 key guidelines for friendships with perks

Friendship-with-benefits [FWB] is a s3x-focused relationship that forgoes emotional commitment and attachment.

Although the idea goes against the fundamental principles of conventional partnerships, it is nonetheless a stark reality in today’s culture, and much of that has been covered here.

Because this unique union is unlike partnerships as we currently understand them, its operating principles differ greatly from those of any relationships you may be familiar with.

So, if you ever find yourself in one, keep these seven guidelines in mind:


1. Love isn’t permitted here

It’s highly likely that one or both of you will begin to experience emotions.

Allowing these emotions to develop significantly alters the situation. By taking action, the FWB relationship becomes a legitimate one. And that’s not acceptable until both of you agree that’s what you actually want.

Relationships and FWB relationships are two different things and should be treated as such. [Credit: cellcode]

2. Don’t text, sext

The only SMS to send a friend who has advantages is “my place or yours?”

If you text in the same way that regular boyfriends and girlfriends do, discomfort and confusion are more likely to occur.

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3. Couples go on dates, not you.

This one is particularly challenging because you might need to put meals together at some point. Don’t treat this situation, if it arises, as a romantic date.


Additionally, traveling to any other event or occasion together is strictly forbidden in this form of relationship. These are the kinds of things that evoke strong emotions in people.

And you don’t want to convey any emotions at this time. The likelihood of not receiving those feelings in return is very great.

Don’t do things that’ll make you catch feelings [Credit: Shutterstock]


4. A friend cannot participate in this.

A friendship with benefits is one that functions best with someone you’ve just met and aren’t particularly close to. You don’t want this to sour good relationships.

This is also not the ideal option if you are a hopeless romantic because it is a greatly diminished version of the kind of union you will truly yearn for.

7 key guidelines for friendships with perks
7 key guidelines for friendships with perks

5. Absence of envy

Never ever feel entitled to sex, regardless of how good it is. Your so-called “partner” is not yours, and acting entitled will make you feel envious.

A FWB relationship is not the place for any of that.

You don’t need to ruin things with jealousy. That’s not even allowed. [Credit: RealGitz]

It is sex and not much else. No need to make things awkward with unnecessary small talks and emotional purges.

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